JIMMY drops new album "*GHETTOLAND"

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The long anticipated 17-track project from JIMMY has finally arrived.

By Jimmy Poindexter

Dec. 2, 2022

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Los Angeles-based recording artist JIMMY has shared his new project "*GHETTOLAND". All 17 songs written, produced & performed by JIMMY. Also, check out the video interview directed, shot & edited by JIMMY below and another conversation here.

Released via THEDUALITY, JIMMY's fifth album comes one year after his transformative project GNARLY established the young MC's creative direction. *GHETTOLAND features the previously released single “*TWENTY.”

JIMMY also shared the first episode of his new docuseries TV show that shares the same name of the album, capturing the creation process and lifestyle leading up to it's release and promotion.

"I'm making this show because no one knows who the f*ck I am, and I'm fully aware of that. I just want to show people what's going on with my life and the obstacles I have to hurdle and the risks I have to take just to do that." JIMMY said.

In episode one of the show, JIMMY also shares that he didn't want this new album to sound like anyone else's.

"I want it to be a medley of genres I enjoy and still keep a sort of cohesiveness while telling really great stories." He said.

Judging by the cohesive sound of *GHETTOLAND's singles so far, JIMMY seems to have met that goal.

Check out '*GHETTOLAND' below.

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