JIMMY shares new lead single "*TWENTY"

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The first single from JIMMY's upcoming full-length album *GHETTOLAND is here.

By Jimmy Poindexter

October 28, 2022

JIMMY, thumbnail from the visualizer

Los Angeles-based recording artist JIMMY has shared his new single "*TWENTY". Check out the visualizer, directed, shot & edited by JIMMY.

The song is about how horrible being in your early 20s can be. Lyrics like "every night I feel like cryin' / cuz i'm feelin' so behind" create a relatable atmosphere while lyrics like "i'ma star done pretendin' that I ain't one / move at yo own pace, march to your own drums" offer encouraging advice to the listener. Other lyrics like "what the f**k is hustle culture to me dog? / put yo self inside my shoes, I got many problems" empathize with 20 year olds feeling like their problems are often overlooked and misunderstood.

The production is synth-y with an orchestral backbone and simple yet flavorful 808 drums a la 3005 by Childish Gambino in which the song borrows some influence from. JIMMY gives a full vocal performance on this song, providing two bouncy pocket-fluid verses and a catchy simple hook resonating the unity amongst other 20 somethings going through similar quarter life crises of their own. It was specifically designed to be yelled to a fellow struggling bestie with tears in their eyes also as they sing along together at the concerts they're attending to temporarily run away from their problems.

The visualizers shares JIMMY's journey from trying to court corporate sponsors to help him donate $20k to 20 people from disadvantaged backgrounds in their 20s to instead eating 20 cobs of corn in under 20 minutes.

This song can easily be put on mainstream pop radio rotation and it just might. The anthem to your quarter life crisis.

JIMMY's new track is released on his self-owned distributor THEDUALITY. THEDUALITY is a "home for the leftfield, multi-media creative agency" providing a platform & resources for disadvantaged creators. The 24-year old JIMMY announced THEDUALITY's plans in a press conference earlier this year.

JIMMY has worked with PRISM TRIBE (an alternative hip hop art collective he founded) on PTWW$$EW Vol. I and DOG DAYS. He released the album GNARLY last year. And, recently, JIMMY released 13 singles, the ROAD TO *GHETTOLAND EP along with a string of promotional videos to drum up more hype for his upcoming album *GHETTOLAND. *TWENTY is the lead single from the album.

"Being in your 20s kinda suck. why doesn't anyone talk about how horrible they could be? it's like being a teenager with none of the fun. Your 20s is just puberty all over again but it's all emotions. you're inexperienced, broke, scared, lost, disappointed, feel like you're not good enough, you realize how much trauma you have from your childhood that turned into legit issues to your mental health. you feel like a worthless naive child in a world full of adults and almost no one takes you seriously. no one listens to 20 year olds. Some of us don't even get the choice to have positive 20s.

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by life now, I be like 'fuck this shit. fuck everything and fuck everyone.' So I made a song about it."


Listen to '*TWENTY' below.